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Systematic name YML035C
Gene name AMD1
Aliases AMD3
Feature type ORF, Verified
Coordinates Chr XIII:208860..206428
Primary SGDID S000004498

Description of YML035C: AMP deaminase; tetrameric enzyme that catalyzes the deamination of AMP to form IMP and ammonia; thought to be involved in regulation of intracellular purine (adenine, guanine, and inosine) nucleotide pools[1][2][3][4][5][6]


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  1. Gauthier S, et al. (2008) Co-regulation of yeast purine and phosphate pathways in response to adenylic nucleotide variations. Mol Microbiol 68(6):1583-94 SGD PMID 18433446
  2. Merkler DJ and Schramm VL (1990) Catalytic and regulatory site composition of yeast AMP deaminase by comparative binding and rate studies. Resolution of the cooperative mechanism. J Biol Chem 265(8):4420-6 SGD PMID 2407736
  3. Merkler DJ, et al. (1989) AMP deaminase from yeast. Role in AMP degradation, large scale purification, and properties of the native and proteolyzed enzyme. J Biol Chem 264(35):21422-30 SGD PMID 2687280
  4. Sagot I, et al. (2005) Guanylic nucleotide starvation affects Saccharomyces cerevisiae mother-daughter separation and may be a signal for entry into quiescence. BMC Cell Biol 6(1):24 SGD PMID 15869715
  5. Saint-Marc C, et al. (2009) Phenotypic consequences of purine nucleotide imbalance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Genetics 183(2):529-38, 1SI-7SI SGD PMID 19635936
  6. Walther T, et al. (2010) Control of ATP homeostasis during the respiro-fermentative transition in yeast. Mol Syst Biol 6():344 SGD PMID 20087341

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