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Guide to the FTP Site

This Anonymous FTP site contains data from the SGD Oracle database, including lists of database IDs, ORF locations, Gene Ontology annotations, phenotype data, SAGE data, genetic mapping results, and literature curation.



chromosomal_feature README Information on ORFs and non-protein coding genes and gene products

annotated at SGD. Includes mapping of ORF names to IDs (eg SwissProt, Genbank), chromosomal coordinates, intron info, changes annotations, etc.

gene_registry README Information about registered S. cerevisiae gene names.
literature_curation README Information from the SGD curation of the literature, including SGD's

contributions to the Gene Ontology (GO) project and phenotype data from the Systematic Deletion Consortium.

oracle_schema README Contains SQL scripts used to create the SGD Oracle database.
protein_info README Protein structure and composition data, includes molecular weight,

codon bias, etc.

sequence README Contains all S. cerevisiae DNA and protein sequence data
sequence_similarity README Genome to genome sequence similarity results
systematic_results README Systematic genome analysis results; for more see: Datasets at SGDLite (Princeton)
submission_forms README TEXT forms that can be used to submit data to SGD.