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FTP Site Sequence | README

Contains all S. cerivisiae DNA and protein sequence data

GenBank | README

FASTA files of all publicly available S. cerevisiae sequences, both DNA and protein from NCBI.

NCBI Genome Source | README

FASTA, NCBI Sequin and ASN.1 format files that are the source of the information at NCBI on the S. cerevisiae genome (NCBI genome section).


Collection of cDNA (EST) sequences from budding yeast.

Genomic Sequence | README

Root for directories providing a variety of sequence datasets derived from the systematic S. cerevisiae genome sequence.

Chromosomes | README

Genomic sequence as GCG or FASTA files for each chromosome.

Intergenic Regions | README

Intergenic Sequences


ORF DNA sequences and UTR sequences

ORF Protein | README

ORF translations

Other Features | README

Non-ORF datasets

RNA features and sequences |README

RNA gene sequences

Vector |README

Yeast vector sequences