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This page contains links to download the sequences of several primer sets that were constructed to amplify various regions of the yeast genome.

Primer sets from ResGen/Invitrogen

These primers are no longer being made or distributed by ResGen, but their sequences are available for download from SGD:

  • GenePairs, a set of primers for each ORF in the genome used for amplifying entire ORFs (Download)
  • pORF Yeast GenePairs, a set of primers for each gene in the genome used for amplifying partial ORFs (Download)
  • Yeast Intergenic Region Primers (Download)

Primer sets used by the Yeast Knockout (YKO) Consortium

  • Primers for making knockouts (Download sequence from the consortium's website.)
  • Information on the strains made by the deletion consortium
  • Submit a comment to the Consortium's Community Posting page | Read all comments
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