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Systematic name tK(UUU)Q
Gene name
Feature type tRNA
Coordinates Mito:67061..67134
Primary SGDID S000007323

Description of tK(UUU)Q: Mitochondrial lysine tRNA (tRNA-Lys), predicted by tRNAscan-SE analysis; modification of wobble base U34 is decreased at elevated temperatures, decreasing ability to decode AAG codons; this function is performed at high temperature by imported cytoplasmic tRNA-Lys with CUU anticodon[1][2][3]


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  1. Chan PP and Lowe TM (2009) GtRNAdb: a database of transfer RNA genes detected in genomic sequence. Nucleic Acids Res 37(Database issue):D93-7 SGD PMID 18984615
  2. Foury F, et al. (1998) The complete sequence of the mitochondrial genome of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. FEBS Lett 440(3):325-31 SGD PMID 9872396
  3. Kamenski P, et al. (2007) Evidence for an Adaptation Mechanism of Mitochondrial Translation via tRNA Import from the Cytosol. Mol Cell 26(5):625-37 SGD PMID 17560369

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