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Systematic name YPL266W
Gene name DIM1
Aliases CDH1
Feature type ORF, Verified
Coordinates Chr XVI:39121..40077
Primary SGDID S000006187

Description of YPL266W: Essential 18S rRNA dimethylase (dimethyladenosine transferase), responsible for conserved m6(2)Am6(2)A dimethylation in 3'-terminal loop of 18S rRNA, part of 90S and 40S pre-particles in nucleolus, involved in pre-ribosomal RNA processing[1][2][3][4][5]


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  1. Lafontaine D, et al. (1994) The DIM1 gene responsible for the conserved m6(2)Am6(2)A dimethylation in the 3'-terminal loop of 18 S rRNA is essential in yeast. J Mol Biol 241(3):492-7 SGD PMID 8064863
  2. Lafontaine D, et al. (1995) The 18S rRNA dimethylase Dim1p is required for pre-ribosomal RNA processing in yeast. Genes Dev 9(20):2470-81 SGD PMID 7590228
  3. Lafontaine DL, et al. (1998) Yeast 18S rRNA dimethylase Dim1p: a quality control mechanism in ribosome synthesis? Mol Cell Biol 18(4):2360-70 SGD PMID 9528805
  4. Maden BE and Hughes JM (1997) Eukaryotic ribosomal RNA: the recent excitement in the nucleotide modification problem. Chromosoma 105(7-8):391-400 SGD PMID 9211966
  5. Schafer T, et al. (2003) The path from nucleolar 90S to cytoplasmic 40S pre-ribosomes. EMBO J 22(6):1370-80 SGD PMID 12628929

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