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Systematic name YPL127C
Gene name HHO1
Feature type ORF, Verified
Coordinates Chr XVI:309604..308828
Primary SGDID S000006048

Description of YPL127C: Histone H1, linker histone with roles in meiosis and sporulation; decreasing levels early in sporulation may promote meiosis, and increasing levels during sporulation facilitate compaction of spore chromatin; binds to promoters and within genes in mature spores; may be recruited by Ume6p to promoter regions, contributing to transcriptional repression outside of meiosis; suppresses DNA repair involving homologous recombination[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9]


Community Commentary

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Alleles, Strains, and Phenotypes

Complete Deletion

Strain Background: S288c
Genotype: BQS238: MATalfa, ura3-52, leu2-3,112, ade2-101, suc2-delta9, gal2, hho1delta0, pRB58
Phenotype(s): No Phenotype, Deletion of HHO1 has no effect on nucleosome positioning, Viable

Hho1p has no effect on nucleosome positioning in yeast. [8] [10]

DNA and RNA Details

Other DNA and RNA Details

Other Topic: Nucleosome positioning

We analyzed a chromatin region of the yeast Chromosome (Chr) IX, in which there are two closely packed open reading frames (ORFs), POT1 and YIL161w. This locus shows a regular ladder of 13 stochastically positioned nucleosomes, which is unaffected by the absence of the HHO1 gene. This suggests that histone H1 has no effect on nucleosome positioning in yeast. [8] [10]



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