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Systematic name YNL264C
Gene name PDR17
Aliases ISS1, SFH4
Feature type ORF, Verified
Coordinates Chr XIV:146615..145563
Primary SGDID S000005208

Description of YNL264C: Phosphatidylinositol transfer protein (PITP), downregulates Plb1p-mediated turnover of phosphatidylcholine, found in the cytosol and microsomes, homologous to Pdr16p, deletion affects phospholipid composition[1][2][3]


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  1. Li X, et al. (2000) Identification of a novel family of nonclassic yeast phosphatidylinositol transfer proteins whose function modulates phospholipase D activity and Sec14p-independent cell growth. Mol Biol Cell 11(6):1989-2005 SGD PMID 10848624
  2. Schnabl M, et al. (2003) Subcellular localization of yeast Sec14 homologues and their involvement in regulation of phospholipid turnover. Eur J Biochem 270(15):3133-45 SGD PMID 12869188
  3. van den Hazel HB, et al. (1999) PDR16 and PDR17, two homologous genes of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, affect lipid biosynthesis and resistance to multiple drugs. J Biol Chem 274(4):1934-41 SGD PMID 9890948

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