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Systematic name YNL118C
Gene name DCP2
Aliases PSU1
Feature type ORF, Verified
Coordinates Chr XIV:405564..402652
Primary SGDID S000005062

Description of YNL118C: Catalytic subunit of the Dcp1p-Dcp2p decapping enzyme complex, which removes the 5' cap structure from mRNAs prior to their degradation; member of the Nudix hydrolase family[1][2][3]


Community Commentary

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DNA and RNA Details

RNA Degradation

Yeast Dcp2 is catalitically active to cleave the cap structure of mRNAs [4] [5]


Two Hybrid

Two Hybrid interaction with NAM7
Yeast Two-Hybrid screen with Upf1p as bait identified several interacting proteins [6] [7]

Protein Details

Nucleic Acid Binding

YNL118C binds RNA Interacts with substrate mRNA to cleave cap structure but not with free cap. [4] [5]

Other Protein Details

Other Topic: Motif

Contains a MUT T/NUDIX motif as well as other specific conserved regions [4] [5]

Techniques and Reagents

Protein Purification

Recombinant protein (truncated) [4] [5]



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