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Systematic name YML049C
Gene name RSE1
Feature type ORF, Verified
Coordinates Chr XIII:178305..174220
Primary SGDID S000004513

Description of YML049C: Protein involved in pre-mRNA splicing; component of the pre-spliceosome; associates with U2 snRNA; involved in ER to Golgi transport[1][2]


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  1. Caspary F, et al. (1999) Partial purification of the yeast U2 snRNP reveals a novel yeast pre-mRNA splicing factor required for pre-spliceosome assembly. EMBO J 18(12):3463-74 SGD PMID 10369685
  2. Chen EJ, et al. (1998) A link between secretion and pre-mRNA processing defects in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and the identification of a novel splicing gene, RSE1. Mol Cell Biol 18(12):7139-46 SGD PMID 9819400

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