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Systematic name YLR453C
Gene name RIF2
Feature type ORF, Verified
Coordinates Chr XII:1042986..1041799
Primary SGDID S000004445

Description of YLR453C: Protein that binds to the Rap1p C-terminus and acts synergistically with Rif1p to help control telomere length and establish telomeric silencing; deletion results in telomere elongation[1][2][3]


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  1. Smogorzewska A and de Lange T (2004) Regulation of telomerase by telomeric proteins. Annu Rev Biochem 73:177-208 SGD PMID 15189140
  2. Teixeira MT, et al. (2004) Telomere length homeostasis is achieved via a switch between telomerase- extendible and -nonextendible states. Cell 117(3):323-35 SGD PMID 15109493
  3. Wotton D and Shore D (1997) A novel Rap1p-interacting factor, Rif2p, cooperates with Rif1p to regulate telomere length in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Genes Dev 11(6):748-60 SGD PMID 9087429

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