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Systematic name YKR035W-A
Gene name DID2
Aliases CHM1, FTI1, VPL30, VPS46
Feature type ORF, Verified
Coordinates Chr XI:507939..508553
Primary SGDID S000006435

Description of YKR035W-A: Class E protein of the vacuolar protein-sorting (Vps) pathway; binds Vps4p and directs it to dissociate ESCRT-III complexes; forms a functional and physical complex with Ist1p; human ortholog may be altered in breast tumors[1][2][3]


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  1. Amerik AY, et al. (2000) The Doa4 deubiquitinating enzyme is functionally linked to the vacuolar protein-sorting and endocytic pathways. Mol Biol Cell 11(10):3365-80 SGD PMID 11029042
  2. Nickerson DP, et al. (2006) Did2 coordinates Vps4-mediated dissociation of ESCRT-III from endosomes. J Cell Biol 175(5):715-20 SGD PMID 17130288
  3. Rue SM, et al. (2008) Novel ist1-did2 complex functions at a late step in multivesicular body sorting. Mol Biol Cell 19(2):475-84 SGD PMID 18032584

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