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Systematic name YKL129C
Gene name MYO3
Feature type ORF, Verified
Coordinates Chr XI:200167..196349
Primary SGDID S000001612

Description of YKL129C: One of two type I myosins; localizes to actin cortical patches; deletion of MYO3 has little effect on growth, but myo3 myo5 double deletion causes severe defects in growth and actin cytoskeleton organization[1][2][3]


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Protein Details

Protein Modification

Modification(s): Phosphorylation

Identified as an efficient substrate of Clb2-Cdk1-as1 in a screen of a proteomic GST-fusion library. [4] [5]



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  1. Anderson BL, et al. (1998) The Src homology domain 3 (SH3) of a yeast type I myosin, Myo5p, binds to verprolin and is required for targeting to sites of actin polarization. J Cell Biol 141(6):1357-70 SGD PMID 9628892
  2. Geli MI and Riezman H (1996) Role of type I myosins in receptor-mediated endocytosis in yeast. Science 272(5261):533-5 SGD PMID 8614799
  3. Tanaka K and Matsui Y (2001) Functions of unconventional myosins in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Cell Struct Funct 26(6):671-5 SGD PMID 11942625
  4. Ubersax JA, et al. (2003) Targets of the cyclin-dependent kinase Cdk1. Nature 425(6960):859-64 SGD PMID 14574415
  5. submitted by Jeff Ubersax on 2004-01-27

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