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Systematic name YIL170W
Gene name HXT12
Feature type pseudogene
Coordinates Chr IX:19847..21220
Primary SGDID S000001432

Description of YIL170W: Possible pseudogene in strain S288C; YIL170W/HXT12 and the adjacent ORF, YIL171W, together encode a non-functional member of the hexose transporter family[1][2][3][4]


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Alleles, Strains, and Phenotypes

Multiple Knockout Strains

Strain Background: CEN.PK2-1C
Genotype: EBY4000 (hxt)
Together with: HXT15, MPH2, HXT7, HXT6, HXT3, HXT13, HXT10, MAL11, HXT4, HXT1, HXT5, HXT8, HXT9, HXT16, MPH3, GAL2, HXT2, HXT14, HXT17, HXT11
Phenotype(s): Viable , Conditionally inviable when on glucose medium

The complete hxt null strain (EBY4000) is unable to take up hexoses and to grow on them. It is well suited to express and characterize heterologous glucose transporters. [4] [5]



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