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Systematic name YHR165C
Gene name PRP8
Aliases DBF3, DNA39, RNA8, SLT21, USA2
Feature type ORF, Verified
Coordinates Chr VIII:436948..429707
Primary SGDID S000001208

Description of YHR165C: Component of the U4/U6-U5 snRNP complex, involved in the second catalytic step of splicing; mutations of human Prp8 cause retinitis pigmentosa[1][2][3]


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Two Hybrid

Two Hybrid interaction with Prp40
Prp8 interacts with the U1snRNP protein Prp40 [4] [5]

Two Hybrid interaction with Snp1
Prp8 interacts with the U1snRNP protein Snp1 [6] [5]

Two Hybrid interaction with Exo84
Prp8 binds to C-terminus of Exo84 [7] [5]

Two Hybrid interaction with Prp39
N-terminal region of Prp8 interacts with Prp39 [8] [5]

Two Hybrid interaction with Brr2
C-terminus of Prp8 binds to full length Brr2. N-terminus of Prp8 binds to Prp39 [8] [5]



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