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Systematic name YGL134W
Gene name PCL10
Feature type ORF, Verified
Coordinates Chr VII:255663..256964
Primary SGDID S000003102

Description of YGL134W: Pho85p cyclin; recruits, activates, and targets Pho85p cyclin-dependent protein kinase to its substrate[1][2][3]


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  1. Huang D, et al. (1998) Cyclin partners determine Pho85 protein kinase substrate specificity in vitro and in vivo: control of glycogen biosynthesis by Pcl8 and Pcl10. Mol Cell Biol 18(6):3289-99 SGD PMID 9584169
  2. Measday V, et al. (1997) A family of cyclin-like proteins that interact with the Pho85 cyclin-dependent kinase. Mol Cell Biol 17(3):1212-23 SGD PMID 9032248
  3. Wilson WA, et al. (1999) Substrate targeting of the yeast cyclin-dependent kinase Pho85p by the cyclin Pcl10p. Mol Cell Biol 19(10):7020-30 SGD PMID 10490639

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