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Systematic name YGL115W
Gene name SNF4
Aliases CAT3, SCI1
Feature type ORF, Verified
Coordinates Chr VII:292033..293001
Primary SGDID S000003083

Description of YGL115W: Activating gamma subunit of the AMP-activated Snf1p kinase complex (contains Snf1p and a Sip1p/Sip2p/Gal83p family member); activates glucose-repressed genes, represses glucose-induced genes; role in sporulation, and peroxisome biogenesis[1][2][3]


Community Commentary

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Protein Details

Protein Function/Process

Gamma subunit of the Snf1 kinase complex [4] [5]



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  1. Celenza JL and Carlson M (1989) Mutational analysis of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae SNF1 protein kinase and evidence for functional interaction with the SNF4 protein. Mol Cell Biol 9(11):5034-44 SGD PMID 2557546
  2. Celenza JL, et al. (1989) Molecular analysis of the SNF4 gene of Saccharomyces cerevisiae: evidence for physical association of the SNF4 protein with the SNF1 protein kinase. Mol Cell Biol 9(11):5045-54 SGD PMID 2481228
  3. Simon M, et al. (1992) Control of peroxisome proliferation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by ADR1, SNF1 (CAT1, CCR1) and SNF4 (CAT3). Yeast 8(4):303-9 SGD PMID 1355328
  4. Jiang R and Carlson M (1997) The Snf1 protein kinase and its activating subunit, Snf4, interact with distinct domains of the Sip1/Sip2/Gal83 component in the kinase complex. Mol Cell Biol 17(4):2099-106 SGD PMID 9121458
  5. submitted by Martin C. Schmidt on 2003-02-18

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