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Systematic name YGL066W
Gene name SGF73
Aliases SCA7
Feature type ORF, Verified
Coordinates Chr VII:377609..379582
Primary SGDID S000003034

Description of YGL066W: SAGA complex subunit; has a role in anchoring the deubiquitination module into SAGA and SLIK complexes; involved in preinitiation complex assembly at promoters; human ortholog ataxin-7 is associated with spinocerebellar ataxia diseases; mutant displays reduced transcription elongation in the G-less-based run-on (GLRO) assay[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]


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  4. McMahon SJ, et al. (2005) Polyglutamine-expanded spinocerebellar ataxia-7 protein disrupts normal SAGA and SLIK histone acetyltransferase activity. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 102(24):8478-82 SGD PMID 15932941
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  7. Tous C, et al. (2011) A novel assay identifies transcript elongation roles for the Nup84 complex and RNA processing factors. EMBO J 30(10):1953-64 SGD PMID 21478823

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