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Systematic name YDR212W
Gene name TCP1
Aliases CCT1
Feature type ORF, Verified
Coordinates Chr IV:887232..888911
Primary SGDID S000002620

Description of YDR212W: Alpha subunit of chaperonin-containing T-complex, which mediates protein folding in the cytosol; involved in actin cytoskeleton maintenance; overexpression in neurons suppresses formation of pathogenic conformations of huntingtin protein[1][2][3][4][5]


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  1. Siegers K, et al. (1999) Compartmentation of protein folding in vivo: sequestration of non-native polypeptide by the chaperonin-GimC system. EMBO J 18(1):75-84 SGD PMID 9878052
  2. Siegers K, et al. (2003) TRiC/CCT cooperates with different upstream chaperones in the folding of distinct protein classes. EMBO J 22(19):5230-40 SGD PMID 14517260
  3. Tam S, et al. (2006) The chaperonin TRiC controls polyglutamine aggregation and toxicity through subunit-specific interactions. Nat Cell Biol 8(10):1155-62 SGD PMID 16980959
  4. Ursic D and Culbertson MR (1991) The yeast homolog to mouse Tcp-1 affects microtubule-mediated processes. Mol Cell Biol 11(5):2629-40 SGD PMID 1901944
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