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Systematic name YDL140C
Gene name RPO21
Aliases RPB1, RPB220, SUA8
Feature type ORF, Verified
Coordinates Chr IV:210561..205360
Primary SGDID S000002299

Description of YDL140C: RNA polymerase II largest subunit B220, part of central core; phosphorylation of C-terminal heptapeptide repeat domain regulates association with transcription and splicing factors; similar to bacterial beta-prime[1][2][3][4][5][6]


Community Commentary

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Rpb1-1 mutation: this is a ts mutant which does not transcribe at the restrictive temperature. According to Scafe, S., Martin, C., Nonet, M., Podos, S., Okamura, S. and Young, R. (MCB 1990 vol. 10(3):1270-1275) this mutation is G->A at base 4622 (base 1 is A of ATG). However, according the Nedea, EC., Markov, D., Naryshkina, T. and Severinov, K. (J. Bact. 1999 Vol 181(8):2663-2665) the rpb1-1 mutation is equivalent to a parallel ts mutation in the E. coli RNA pol, in a conserved Glycine. According to their article, the rpb1-1 mutation is in this conserved Gly (aa 1437, or base 4310) and not Gly 1541 (base 4622 according to R. Young). After sequencing two rpb1-1 mutants in our posession, we agree with Severinov, that the G->A mutation is at base 4310 and NOT in base 4622.



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