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Systematic name YBR102C
Gene name EXO84
Aliases USA3
Feature type ORF, Verified
Coordinates Chr II:447323..445062
Primary SGDID S000000306

Description of YBR102C: Essential protein with dual roles in spliceosome assembly and exocytosis; the exocyst complex (Sec3p, Sec5p, Sec6p, Sec8p, Sec10p, Sec15p, Exo70p, and Exo84p) mediates polarized targeting of secretory vesicles to active sites of exocytosis[1][2][3]


Community Commentary

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Two Hybrid

Two Hybrid interaction with Prp8
Prp8 binds to C-terminus of Exo84 [4] [5]

Protein Details

Protein Modification

Modification(s): Phosphorylation

Identified as an efficient substrate of Clb2-Cdk1-as1 in a screen of a proteomic GST-fusion library. [3] [6]



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