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Systematic name YBL032W
Gene name HEK2
Aliases KHD1
Feature type ORF, Verified
Coordinates Chr II:160184..161329
Primary SGDID S000000128

Description of YBL032W: RNA binding protein involved in the asymmetric localization of ASH1 mRNA; represses translation of ASH1 mRNA, an effect reversed by Yck1p-dependent phosphoryation; regulates telomere position effect and length; similarity to hnRNP-K[1][2][3]


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  1. Denisenko O and Bomsztyk K (2002) Yeast hnRNP K-like genes are involved in regulation of the telomeric position effect and telomere length. Mol Cell Biol 22(1):286-97 SGD PMID 11739741
  2. Irie K, et al. (2002) The Khd1 protein, which has three KH RNA-binding motifs, is required for proper localization of ASH1 mRNA in yeast. EMBO J 21(5):1158-67 SGD PMID 11867544
  3. Paquin N, et al. (2007) Local Activation of Yeast ASH1 mRNA Translation through Phosphorylation of Khd1p by the Casein Kinase Yck1p. Mol Cell 26(6):795-809 SGD PMID 17588515

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