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Systematic name YAL005C
Gene name SSA1
Aliases YG100
Feature type ORF, Verified
Coordinates Chr I:141431..139503
Primary SGDID S000000004

Description of YAL005C: ATPase involved in protein folding and NLS-directed nuclear transport; member of HSP70 family; forms chaperone complex with Ydj1p; localized to nucleus, cytoplasm, and cell wall; 98% identical with Ssa2p, but subtle differences between the two proteins provide functional specificity with respect to propagation of yeast [URE3] prions and vacuolar-mediated degradations of gluconeogenesis enzymes; general targeting factor of Hsp104p to prion fibrils[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]


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Physical interaction with FES1
Purified GST-Fes1p interacts with the ADP-bound form of (His6)-Ssa1p in GST pull down assays [8] [9]


YAL005C is regulated by cns1.Regulatory interaction with cns1
Cns1 exhibits no influence on the ATPase of Hsp90. However, it activates the ATPase of Ssa1 up to 30-fold by accelerating the rate-limiting ATP hydrolysis step. This stimulating effect is mediated by the N-terminal TPR-containing part of Cns1, whereas the C-terminal part showed no effect. [10] [11]

YAL005C is regulated by Sti1.Regulatory interaction with Sti1
Binding of Sti1 to Ssa1 activates the ATPase of Ssa1 by a factor of about 200, which is in contrast to the behaviour of Hop in the mammalian Hsp70 system. Analysis of the underlying activation mechanism revealed that ATP hydrolysis is rate limiting in the Ssa1 ATPase cycle and that this step is accelerated by Sti1. [12] [13]

Two Hybrid

Two Hybrid interaction with Sti1
With a two hybrid approach and coimmunoprecipitations, we show that Sti1 specifically interacts with the Ssa group of the cytosolic yeast Hsp70 proteins and not with the Ssb, Sse and Ssz group. [12] [13]



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