What's New in SGD in 1999

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December 11, 1999

  • SGD introduces a new graphical overview of BLAST search results. The graph's purpose is to give the user a brief summary of the entire result set. It differs significantly from the previous graph's design in an attempt to give a broader perspective on the data. New features include color coding of P-values, annotations displayed via JavaScript, and a date stamp for archival reference.

July 26, 1999

  • Table of Updates to the Systematic Sequence is added; this table lists changes made to the systematic sequence, as well as changes to ORF names. This page is no longer available. It has been replaced by the Download Data contents page. (November, 2002)

July 17, 1999

  • A new BLAST form is created that allows sequences to be loaded from files on your computer, avoiding all that pasting. In addition, you can choose to have the BLAST output, or a URL to the output, returned via e-mail.

June 23, 1999

  • SGD releases SacchDB version 4.13, using the ACEDB software (version 4.5) developed by Richard Durbin and Jean Thierry-Mieg. SacchDB version 4.13 is available for UNIX systems. Although SGD recommends using the WWW version of our database (it is more frequently updated and contains information that is unavailable in SacchDB), you can download a copy of the SacchDB database using Anonymous FTP [Note (11/21/02): SacchDB is no longer available via ftp (see obsolete SacchDB FTP site; for downloading data from the current database, please see Anonymous FTP available on our Download Data page.]

June 2, 1999

March 26, 1999

  • SAGE Advanced Query: SGD has created a tool that allows users to perform complex queries of the SAGE data of Velculescu et al. using query syntax language.

February 11, 1999

  • The Yeast WWW Sites has been updated to include SCPD, a promoter database for the S. cerevisiae genome. The Yeast WWW Sites page is no longer available. The link to SCPD can now be found on the External Links contents page. (November, 2002)

January 6, 1999