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Safety Precautions:

~Safety Goggles


~Lab Coat

~Work under a chemical hood


~96 plate

~Yeast strands


~Lithium Chloride

~250ml beaker

~10, 1.7ml microcentrifuge tube


1. Make a solution of lithium chloride with 4.24g of LiCl and 9mL of H20, then adjust the volume to 1mL of H20 in a 100ml beaker

2. Filter sterilize with .45 micron syringe filter

3. Make 11 different concentration in 1.7ml microcentrifuge tubes with 20ul of H2O starting at 0.5% concentration increasing to a 5.5% concentration

4.Pipette 5 u from solution 1 into the second well on the 96 plates, and the second solution into the second well, until each solution is in each well.

5. In the first well add 10ul of H20 without any LiCl solution



~Sterile H2O

~Yeast Strands

~96 Well Plate

~LiCl @ 1M concentration


1. Pipette 50ul of each yeast strand into 96 plate

2. Pipette 50ul of LiCl @1M in the yeast plated

3. Add to SpectaMax Plus 384 Microplate Reader

4. Have data read every 5 minutes for 24 hours