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Here are some movies of yeast that have been provided by Kerry Bloom. Further information regarding the techniques used to obtain these movies can be found along side the header for each section. If you do copy any movies from the individual movie pages, please cite Kerry Bloom as the source.

Click on a thumbnail image on this page to view the movie.

Description Movies
Chromosome Dynamics
Pearson CG, et al. (2001) J. Cell Biology 152: 1255-1266
Anaphase A centromere movements to the spindle pole using the 1.1kb CEN11 marker and Nuf2-GFP to label the spindle pole bodies Anaphase.png
Centromere dynamics of all chromosomes using the pan-specific centromere marker Cse4p fused to GFP. centromere dyamics.png
Centromere Proximal spots exhibited dynamic separation and oscillations along the preanaphase spindle (Figure 2 Pearson et al., 2001) centromere proximal.png
Centromere movement to the pole using Cse4-GFP to label all the centromeres centromere movement.png
Fluorescent tufts of kinetochore microtubules shortening to the pole flourescent tufts.png
RNA Dynamics (with gRNA-ASH1 as a label)
Beach DL, et al. (1999) Current Biology 9:569-578.
gRNA system description system gRNA pic.jpeg
gRNA-ASH1 in bud6 cells (Strain JZY1345) gRNA-ASH1 in bud6 cells (Strain JZY1345).png
gRNA-ASH1 in kar9 cells (Strain KBY1010) gRNA-ASH1 in kar9 cells (Strain KBY1010).png
gRNA-ASH1 in Wildtype cells (Strain 9D) gRNA-ASH1 in Wildtype cells (Strain 9D).png
gRNA-ASH1 in bni1 cells (Strain KBY1011) gRNA-ASH1 in bni1 cells (Strain KBY1011).png
Protein Dynamics (with Kar9-GFP as a label)
Beach DL, et al. (2000) Current Biology 10(23):1497-1506
Kar9-GFP in WT (Strain YEF473A) Kar9-GFP in WT (Strain YEF473A).png
Kar9-GFP in WT (YEF473A) treated with 100 um Nocodazole Kar9-GFP in WT (YEF473A) treated with 100 um Nocodazole.png
Kar9-GFP in kar3 cells (Stain KBY1014) Kar9-GFP in kar3 cells (Stain KBY1014).png
Kar9-GFP in bud6 cells (Strain JZY1345) Kar9-GFP in bud6 cells (Strain JZY1345).png
Kar9-GFP in bim1 cells (Strain KBY1016) Kar9-GFP in bim1 cells (Strain KBY1016).png
Kar9-GPF + Dhc1-GFPin WT (Strain YEF473A) Kar9-GPF + Dhc1-GFPin WT (Strain YEF473A).png
Kar9-GFP in bni1 cells (Strain KBY1011) Kar9-GFP in bni1 cells (Strain KBY1011).png