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Systematic name YPL008W
Gene name CHL1
Aliases CTF1, LPA9, MCM12
Feature type ORF, Verified
Coordinates Chr XVI:539385..541970
Primary SGDID S000005929

Description of YPL008W: Probable DNA helicase; involved in sister-chromatid cohesion and genome integrity; interacts with ECO1 and CTF18; mutants are defective in silencing, rDNA recombination, aging and the heat shock response; FANCJ-like helicase family member; mutations in the human homolog, DDX11/ChLR1, cause Warsaw breakage syndrome[1][2][3][4]


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  1. Das SP and Sinha P (2005) The budding yeast protein Chl1p has a role in transcriptional silencing, rDNA recombination, and aging. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 337(1):167-72 SGD PMID 16182251
  2. Skibbens RV (2004) Chl1p, a DNA helicase-like protein in budding yeast, functions in sister-chromatid cohesion. Genetics 166(1):33-42 SGD PMID 15020404
  3. Wu Y, et al. (2009) Welcome the family of FANCJ-like helicases to the block of genome stability maintenance proteins. Cell Mol Life Sci 66(7):1209-22 SGD PMID 19099189
  4. Wu Y, et al. (2011) Biochemical characterization of Warsaw Breakage Syndrome helicase. J Biol Chem () SGD PMID 22102414

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