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Systematic name YMR290C
Gene name HAS1
Feature type ORF, Verified
Coordinates Chr XIII:851591..850074
Primary SGDID S000004903

Description of YMR290C: ATP-dependent RNA helicase; localizes to both the nuclear periphery and nucleolus; highly enriched in nuclear pore complex fractions; constituent of 66S pre-ribosomal particles[1][2][3]


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  1. Horsey EW, et al. (2004) Role of the yeast Rrp1 protein in the dynamics of pre-ribosome maturation. RNA 10(5):813-27 SGD PMID 15100437
  2. Rocak S, et al. (2005) Characterization of the ATPase and unwinding activities of the yeast DEAD-box protein Has1p and the analysis of the roles of the conserved motifs. Nucleic Acids Res 33(3):999-1009 SGD PMID 15718299
  3. Rout MP, et al. (2000) The yeast nuclear pore complex: composition, architecture, and transport mechanism. J Cell Biol 148(4):635-51 SGD PMID 10684247

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