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Systematic name YLR329W
Gene name REC102
Feature type ORF, Verified
Coordinates Chr XII:786442..787333
Primary SGDID S000004321

Description of YLR329W: Protein involved in early stages of meiotic recombination; required for chromosome synapsis; forms a complex with Rec104p and Spo11p necessary during the initiation of recombination[1][2][3]


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Physical interaction with Rec104
Immunoprecipitation and two-hybrid interactions. Both proteins are mutually interdependent for nuclear localization and association with meiotic chromosomes, and both also depend on Spo11p and Ski8p for chromatin association. [4] [5]

Protein Details

Protein Localization

Localized to nucleus and associates with meiotic chromosomes, dependent on Rec104p. Chromatin immunoprecipitation and indirect immunofluorescence reveal substantial localization to chromatin loops (as opposed to axes). Chromatin association is abruptly lost during the pachytene stage. [4] [5]



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