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Systematic name YBR155W
Gene name CNS1
Feature type ORF, Verified
Coordinates Chr II:549765..550922
Primary SGDID S000000359

Description of YBR155W: TPR-containing co-chaperone; binds both Hsp82p (Hsp90) and Ssa1p (Hsp70) and stimulates the ATPase activity of SSA1, ts mutants reduce Hsp82p function while over expression suppresses the phenotypes of an HSP82 ts allele and a cpr7 deletion[1][2][3][4]


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YBR155W is a suppressor of CPR7

[2] [5]


Physical interaction with Hsp82
Cns1 binds both to Hsp90 and to the yeast Hsp70 protein Ssa1 with comparable affinities. This is reminiscent of Sti1, another TPR-containing co-chaperone. [4] [6]


Regulatory interaction with ssa1
Cns1 exhibits no influence on the ATPase of Hsp90. However, it activates the ATPase of Ssa1 up to 30-fold by accelerating the rate-limiting ATP hydrolysis step. This stimulating effect is mediated by the N-terminal TPR-containing part of Cns1, whereas the C-terminal part showed no effect. [4] [6]



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