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{|{{Prettytable}} align = 'right' width = '200px'
{|{{Prettytable}} align = 'right' width = '200px'
|valign="top" nowrap bgcolor="{{SGDblue}}"| '''Systematic name''' || [http://db.yeastgenome.org/cgi-bin/locus.pl?dbid=S000000221 YBR017C]  
|valign="top" nowrap bgcolor="{{SGDblue}}"| '''Systematic name''' || [http://www.yeastgenome.org/cgi-bin/locus.pl?dbid=S000000221 YBR017C]  
|valign="top" nowrap bgcolor="{{SGDblue}}"| '''Gene name'''        ||''KAP104 ''
|valign="top" nowrap bgcolor="{{SGDblue}}"| '''Gene name'''        ||''KAP104 ''

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Systematic name YBR017C
Gene name KAP104
Feature type ORF, Verified
Coordinates Chr II:273703..270947
Primary SGDID S000000221

Description of YBR017C: Transportin or cytosolic karyopherin beta 2; functions in the rg-nuclear localization signal-mediated nuclear import/reimport of mRNA-binding proteins Nab2p and Hrp1p; regulates asymmetric protein synthesis in daughter cells during mitosis[1][2][3][4]


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  1. Aitchison JD, et al. (1996) Kap104p: a karyopherin involved in the nuclear transport of messenger RNA binding proteins. Science 274(5287):624-7 SGD PMID 8849456
  2. Lee DC and Aitchison JD (1999) Kap104p-mediated nuclear import. Nuclear localization signals in mRNA-binding proteins and the role of Ran and Rna. J Biol Chem 274(41):29031-7 SGD PMID 10506153
  3. Seedorf M and Silver PA (1997) Importin/karyopherin protein family members required for mRNA export from the nucleus. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 94(16):8590-5 SGD PMID 9238021
  4. van den Bogaart G, et al. (2009) Nuclear transport factor directs localization of protein synthesis during mitosis. Nat Cell Biol 11(3):350-6 SGD PMID 19198597

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