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Systematic name YBL113C
Gene name
Feature type ORF, Uncharacterized
Coordinates Chr II:2658..280
Primary SGDID S000002153

Description of YBL113C: Helicase-like protein encoded within the telomeric Y' element[1]


Community Commentary

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This gene is part of the UW-Stout Orphan Gene Project. Learn more here.

UW Stout/D2O SP22

4.18.2022 1.png

In the results of the 35% dilution of D2O with the Knock-out Yeast Strain YBL113C (A9) we can see that the growth curve stayed in the 0.1-0.3 range throughout the data collected in 24 hours. This tells us it was more sensitive to the dilution of D2O.

UW-Stout/Heat Shock SP22

As part of the University of Wisconsin Stout Orphan Gene Project this gene was tested by exposing the cells to heat shock.


BY4735 Control YBL113C BY4735 Control Graph YBL113C Graph


From the data gathered, there was a medium positive effect to knocking out this gene when it came to the yeast's ability to hold up to heat shock. The modified yeast cells were 252% more resistant to heat shock than the control.

UW Stout/Sucrose Fermentation SP22

Gene Glucose Fructose Ethanol
Standard solution 2.0000 0.2000 2.0000
YDl109C 0.3800 0.3933 0.3430
YGL140C 0.2212 0.2685 0.1867
YOR111W 0.3332 0.3598 0.1343
YHL029C 0.3870 0.2368 0.1151
YDR307W 0.4366 0.2487 0.0606
YNL058C 0.2710 0.3056 0.1577
YCL049C 0.4078 0.3052 0.1969
YGR079W 0.4042 0.1589 0.0080
YBL113C 0.3498 0.2012 0.1434
BY4735 0.3171 0.3084 0.3541


This gene produced 40.50% of the amount of ethanol that the wild type produced.

UW-Stout/Caffeine SP22

As part of the University of Wisconsin Stout Orphan Gene Project this gene was tested by exposing the cells to 4mM of caffeine.


BY4735(wild type yeast) and YBL113C(knockout yeast gene) growth after being subjected to 4mM caffeine solution.





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  1. Shiratori A, et al. (1999) Systematic identification, classification, and characterization of the open reading frames which encode novel helicase-related proteins in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by gene disruption and Northern analysis. Yeast 15(3):219-53 SGD PMID 10077188

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