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About the SGD Webinar Series:

The SGD Webinar Series is a series of interactive webcasts aimed at demonstrating the SGD website and the value of yeast as a model organism. Information about previous and upcoming webinars can be found on this page or at the SGD newsfeed ( Video recordings of previous webinars are always uploaded at the SGD YouTube channel (

Upcoming Webinars


SGD Webinars: Predicting Chemotherapy Targets in YeastMine

If you’re not already using YeastMine to answer all your questions about S. cerevisiae genes and gene products… you should be! SGD's YeastMine is a powerful search tool that can retrieve, compare, and analyze data on thousands of genes at a time, greatly reducing the time needed to answer practical research questions. Through YeastMine, questions such as "What proportion of plasma membrane proteins are essential?" or "How many different gene products physically interact with the mitochondrial ribosome?" can be answered within minutes.

In our upcoming webinar on May 4th, 2016 9:30 AM PDT, we will provide a brief tutorial on how to run queries and create gene lists in SGD's YeastMine. Additionally, as a practical demonstration of YeastMine, we will showcase a research scenario where yeast-human homology data is used to predict potential chemotherapy targets in human cancer.

Space for this webinar is limited. To reserve your spot, please register for this event here:

For reference, the list of human tumor suppressors that will used during the webinar is provided here: File:TSGene-LOFdataset.xlsx

Previous Webinars


April 6, 2016 – SGD: A Catalyst for Biological Research

Function is just one of many important angles to consider a gene and its product. Other concepts like regulation, genetic/physical interactions, phenotypes, are critical to understanding how a gene fits into the overall biology of the cell. By quickly connecting users to high-quality annotations, different types of data, and useful tools to explore the yeast genome, SGD acts as a catalyst for biological research and has become an indispensable resource for many scientists. This short webinar provides an overview of the different ways you can find information about your favorite genes in SGD.