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  • Addgene: A Better Way to Share Plasmids. Addgene is a non-profit plasmid repository dedicated to helping academic scientists around the world share high-quality plasmids.
  • The DNASU Plasmid Repository stores and distributes nearly 100,000 plasmids including over 35,000 human and mouse plasmids, full genome collections of numerous organisms including S. cerevisiae, the protein expression plasmids from the Protein Structure Initiative Material Repository (PSI-MR), and both small and large collections from individual researchers. DNASU accepts plasmid contributions from individual researchers and will distribute them to the community.
  • pAG Vectors is a collection of 288 yeast Gateway expression vectors. These "Advanced Gateway" vectors are modifications of the pRS series plasmids and allow for inducible or constitutive expression, as well as fusion to a number of protein tags and fluorescent proteins. We have made all of these vectors available through the non-profit plasmid repository Addgene. Clones were created by the Lindquist Lab at the Whitehead Institute. "A suite of Gateway vectors for high-throughput genetic analysis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae". Simon Alberti, Aaron D. Gitler, and Susan Lindquist. 2007. Yeast.
  • The PlasmID repository distributes over 5,200 fully sequence-verified S. cerevisiae genes in Gateway entry vectors and expression vectors. The PlasmID repository is part of the DF/HCC DNA Resource Core at the Harvard Institute of Proteomics at Harvard Medical School.
  • VectorDB, collected sequences of cloning vectors for use in a variety of organisms.
  • CRISPR plasmids and yeast strains designed to help with CRISPR genome editing