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Postdoctoral position in genetics, evolution and virulence of yeasts. Dublin, Ireland (posted Feb 12, 2016)

Laboratories of Ken Wolfe and Geraldine Butler, University College Dublin, Ireland

Three postdoctoral positions are available in the Wolfe and Butler labs.

Position 1: Analysis of virulence in the pathogenic yeast Candida parapsilosis (one early stage postdoctoral position).

Positions 2 and 3: Genetics and evolution in Biotech Yeasts (two positions, at early or senior post-doctoral level).

For full details, see http://www.nature.com/naturejobs/science/jobs/572287-genetics-evolution-and-virulence-of-yeasts

Closing date for applications: March 4, 2016.

Contact: Ken Wolfe, kenneth.wolfe@ucd.ie

Postdoctoral position in Cell Biology and Genetics, Northern Kentucky University (posted May 7, 2015)

Laboratory of Erin Strome, Biological Sciences Department, Northern Kentucky University (Cincinnati Area)

A teaching-scholar faculty position is available to study mechanisms of haploinsufficiency induced genome instability. The position would be ideal for someone who will be pursuing a teaching and research balanced career and potentially be interested in a faculty job at an undergraduate institution. The postdoctoral fellow will have opportunities to develop their experimental and scientific credentials while also getting teaching experience and mentoring on teaching and lots of direct contact mentoring undergraduates in research lab projects.

Qualifications: Applicants should have a Ph.D. (ABD candidates will be considered) with a strong background in molecular biology/biochemistry/genetics and should be capable of conducting standard molecular biology tests including PCR and qPCR, Westerns, and siRNA experiments.

Please see https://jobs.nku.edu/postings/2817 for full job ad and application details.

Contact: Erin Strome, stromee1@nku.edu