ORFmap Images

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These static images of each chromosome were created using SGD's ORFmap tool. Chromosome images can be downloaded individually as PNG files from the table below, and all chromosomes can be downloaded as a PDF or zip file of HTML maps that link out to SGD.

File File File File
Chromosome 1
ORFmap chrI.png
Chromosome 2
ORFmap chrII.png
Chromosome 3
ORFmap chrIII.png
Chromosome 4
ORFmap chrIV.png
Chromosome 5
ORFmap chrV.png
Chromosome 6
ORFmap chrVI.png
Chromosome 7
ORFmap chrVII.png
Chromosome 8
ORFmap chrVIII.png
Chromosome 9
ORFmap chrIX.png
Chromosome 10
ORFmap chrX.png
Chromosome 11
ORFmap chrXI.png
Chromosome 12
ORFmap chrXII.png
Chromosome 13
ORFmap chrXIII.png
Chromosome 14
ORFmap chrXIV.png
Chromosome 15
ORFmap chrXV.png
Chromosome 16
ORFmap chrXVI.png
Mitochondrial Chromosome
ORFmap chrMt.png
ORFmap key.png