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<big>'''Welcome to the Yeast Wiki'''</big>
<big>'''Welcome to the Yeast Wiki'''</big>

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<protect> Welcome to the Yeast Wiki

  • Use the search box in left-hand navigation bar to find or create specific wiki pages.
  • Find already existing gene pages pre-filled with basic info from SGD by entering an ORF or gene name into the search box.
  • Use these wiki pages as a place to enter your observations or notes for a gene or ORF.
  • It's easy to add info! Just create an account via the "Log in/Create an account" link in the upper right-hand corner of this page.

Table of Contents

Protocols and Methods: Includes useful yeast protocols and methods posted by researchers.

Reagents: Includes links to plasmid collections and other useful reagents, such as antibodies.

Strains: Includes information about strain collections and the major yeast strain backgrounds.

General Topics: A collection of information about the general biology of S. cerevisiae and other fungi, including educational resources.

Career Resources: Includes links to job opportunities posted by researchers.

Useful SGD Links

SGD Home | Contact SGD

Online SGD Tutorial developed by OpenHelix: describes navigation of SGD and many features of the database.

Specification for New Interactions and Phenotype FTP files

Useful Wiki Links

MediaWiki User's Guide | MediaWiki FAQ | Quick Guide to Editing Wiki Text </protect>