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Systematic name MAL61
Gene name MAL61
Aliases MALT
Feature type not in systematic sequence of S288C
Coordinates not mapped
Primary SGDID S000029658

Description of MAL61: High-affinity maltose transporter (alpha-glucoside transporter; maltose permease); narrow substrate specificity, transporting maltose and turanose but not other alpha-glucosides[1][2]


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  1. Chow TH, et al. (1989) Structure of the multigene family of MAL loci in Saccharomyces. Mol Gen Genet 217(1):60-9 SGD PMID 2549370
  2. Han EK, et al. (1995) Characterization of AGT1 encoding a general alpha-glucoside transporter from Saccharomyces. Mol Microbiol 17(6):1093-107 SGD PMID 8594329

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