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  • Genetics Education Network Tom Manney's (Kansas State University) yeast experiments for undergrads and high school students. A well-done and informative web site for yeast in the classroom.
  • Yeast Education Network An archive of yeast-based teaching tools for the undergraduate classroom and laboratory. This site also includes most of the Education Workshop talks from YGM 2008.
  • Research Link 2000 Aimed at undergraduate classrooms, this is an offshoot of Tom Manney's yeast experiments. It also lists other model organisms.
  • MendelWeb, an educational resource on the origins of classical genetics.
  • American Society for Microbiology. The ASM website lists resources in its education section. The ASM publishes numerous books on microbiology education at various levels.
  • Scitable A free library providing overviews of key science concepts, with a focus on genetics, compiled by the Nature Publishing Group.