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Systematic name ENS2
Gene name ENS2
Aliases Endo.SceI, RF3
Feature type not in systematic sequence of S288C
Coordinates not mapped
Primary SGDID S000029698

Description of ENS2: Mitochondrially-encoded 50 kD subunit of Endo.SceI, a dimeric multi-site-specific endonuclease that introduces double-stranded breaks at a number of well-defined sites on the mitochondrial DNA, inducing homologous recombination[1][2]


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  1. Nakagawa K, et al. (1992) An endonuclease with multiple cutting sites, Endo.SceI, initiates genetic recombination at its cutting site in yeast mitochondria. EMBO J 11(7):2707-15 SGD PMID 1628629
  2. Shibata T, et al. (1995) Multi-site-specific endonucleases and the initiation of homologous genetic recombination in yeast. Adv Biophys 31:77-91 SGD PMID 7625280

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