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*[[Antibodies]] made to ''S. cerevisiae'' proteins
*[[Antibodies]] made to ''S. cerevisiae'' proteins
*[ MORF collection] is a moveable ORF library which enables protein expression and purification for more than 4900 <i>S. cerevisiae</i> genes, as described in [ Gelperin DM, et al.  (2005)].

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  • Tritech Research maintains a list of links to S. cerevisiae information and protocols, and sells reagents and equipment for S. cerevisiae research.
  • VectorDB, collected sequences of cloning vectors for use in a variety of organisms
  • pAG Vectors is a collection of 288 yeast Gateway expression vectors. These "Advanced Gateway" vectors are modifications of the pRS series plasmids and allow for inducible or constitutive expression, as well as fusion to a number of protein tags and fluorescent proteins. We have made all of these vectors available through the non-profit plasmid repository Addgene. Clones were created by the Lindquist Lab at the Whitehead Institute. "A suite of Gateway vectors for high-throughput genetic analysis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae". Simon Alberti, Aaron D. Gitler, and Susan Lindquist." 2007. Yeast. In Press.
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